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Covering up
Most of us who long for a swimming pool have a dream pool in mind – a definite idea of how it will look, how we will use it, what it will add to our lifestyle.

Often the dream stops there and when the pool is eventually built the pool house is an unplanned add-on, little more than a D-I-Y garden shed or even an outdoor pool – available for use during a few summer months.

Yet any pool can be an all round delight. What you need is a pool house or the chance to put a permanent cover over the outdoor pool. Both options are more straight forward than you might think.

The installation of a pool enclosure can transform an outdoor pool. Instantly you get to use the pool all year round. It can reducing costs on heating and cleaning and importantly make the area safer. There are a number of different options available, from retractable telescopic designs to more solid, permanent structures.

One of the most popular designs on the market is Certikin’s Endless Summer enclosures, a range of retractable telescopic models. The designs do not require any floor tracks, and the doors are hung from the top, so no door track is left on the ground. There is also a spring-loaded wheel system that enables the enclosure to operate on a variety of surfaces. At the end of the building, concertina-style doors allow it to be opened at one end only and there is a full height option, which can be useful when there is a prevailing wind.

Of course, covered pools have other advantages aside from their aesthetic appeal, and one such benefit is increased safety and security. Summit Leisure, suppliers of the retractable Algarve pool enclosure, covering the water gives the user the same piece of mind as a safety cover. The Algarve design features key-lockable doors, so no-one can enter the area without permission, and the pool is always safe, which is ideal for situations where children or pets are likely to be present. Like other retractable enclosures, the Algarve can be moved away during fine weather, and it does not run on rails or tracks. As with any form of cover, the user can also benefit from reduced maintenance, as the water is shielded from leaves, dust and pollution, and the structure itself is easy to keep clean.

Arqualand is also good for those with security in mind. The structures are made from the same material as that used to make police riot shields, and it is reportedly 200 times stronger than glass. Each has a lockable door and windows that only open from the inside. Both fixed and telescopic designs are available, and in addition to freestanding enclosures, it is also possible to select those which attach to the side of a building.

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