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For outdoor swimming pool owners located around the UK, for many, it’s often a case of the good news and the bad news.

The good news is that on long, warm summer days they have a great, fun addition to their home bringing lots of excitement and pleasure for all the family.

The bad news is that they are not really making the most of their investment because the not so reliable British weather will seriously limit how much they are able to swim outdoors.
The solution is of course to cover the pool and an enclosure of some form – ideally a permanent one – does exactly that, and many owners around the UK are benefiting from their use.

A swimming pool enclosure will help to minimise heat loss from the pool and maintain pleasant swimming temperatures.

In addition to helping to keep the water at an ideal and comfortable temperature, the air temperature remains warmer and free from cold draughts. The addition of an enclosure also means that airborne debris is also reduced. The result is cutting down on maintenance and chemical consumption so therefore saving a pool owner time, energy and ultimately money.

An enclosure will also reduce the risk of unauthorised entry to the swimming pool by either children, pets and pretty much anything else, so there’s peace of mind for all too.

Today’s swimming pool enclosures come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, and finishes to suit all budgets. Low level, standing height, telescopic or fixed, the choices are almost infinite.

You can opt for something as simple as a DIY dome cover suitable for a garden pool but the most popular is a sectional telescopic canopy. With this type of structure several sections telescope out to cover the pool during cooler weather and retract to leave the area uncovered during warmer days. These canopies can be motorised or opened manually and slide on runners.

The materials used now are lightweight and strong – polycarbonates not acrylic or fibreglass; aluminium not galvanised iron. The height of the canopy can vary but the effect has often been likened to a greenhouse so that even though it’s winter outside, it could feel as if you are swimming in the summertime.

Using natural sunlight to warm the pool is also environmentally friendly and anything which means you don’t have to rely on a British summer has to be a good idea.

This type of canopy offers maximum versatility and it can even be positioned in a half open and half closed state and most models will have manually adjustable ventilation openings.

The case for covering a pool is a strong one. The benefits to pool owners are clear – much greater use of the pool, significant maintenance savings and enhanced safety.

A pool enclosure of whatever size, shape and price is a natural cost effective solution for pool owners and the choice on the UK market is wide and varied.

Aesthetically pleasing and with the ability to blend into any surroundings, an enclosure is the perfect pool addition to thwart inclement weather and bring an outdoor pool indoors.

It’s worth noting that more permanent enclosures are also available from a variety of sources but these structures may require planning permission and are usually referred to as ‘pool houses’. This type of structure has a considerably greater cost than its telescopic counterpart and it has the effect of converting an outdoor pool into an indoor one.

As you hopefully now appreciate, a swimming pool enclosure can be a godsend in a disappointing summer and many manufacturers have made the ownership of one even more attractive through the introduction of drive systems to open and close the enclosure.

The Certikin Endless Summer motor drive system is one example of these and it can be retrofitted and easily modified to work on any manufacturer’s enclosure and will take the manual strain out of ownership.

Quick and easy to install, the ingenious design consists of two drive motors powered by 12V batteries that are trickle charged by solar panels on the roof of the enclosure. The system is operated by a hand-held remote which moves the building forward, backwards, left and right. The twist control is a PCB that allows the drive motors to be run individually or both together in opposite directions so that the building can be turned and steered into its lock down positions.

Highly adaptable, it is suitable for low, intermediate and high standing enclosures and is compatible with every brand of telescopic pool enclosure on the market.

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