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Swim spas – swimming on the spot!

Generally, swim spas are a cheaper option than a full scale swimming pool. They take up less space, are easy to heat and provide an all year round swimming experience as well as providing wonderful exercise facilities in the comfort of your own home

Why a swim spa?
• They are cheaper and take up less space than a traditional swimming pool
• They are often called ‘exercise spas’ as they combine the physical exercise of swimming with the opportunity to relax in a hot tub environment
• The running and maintenance costs are much less than a traditional swimming pool
• You can take a swim spa with you if you have to move home
• You have the option of fitting a swim spa indoors or outdoors

What do you get with a swim spa?
When you buy a swim spa you will have lots of options in terms of size, jets, water current and extras but all should include:
• A dedicated swimming against the current area with front and side option jets. The jets should be adjustable depending on how rigorous a session you want
• A hot tub or relaxing area. Some swim spas come with a sectioned off area – others have removable barriers. The idea is you should be able to prepare water with two different temperatures – one 25 to 27 degrees to swim in – the other up to 35 degrees to relax in
• Some have dedicated hydro massage jets in the relaxing area and here it’s a question of what suits your tastes
• Underwater lighting
• An insulated heavy duty lid
• An access stepped area to enter the pool
• Extras include music, DVD players etc

If you're thinking about buying a swim spa and need more information, take a look at our swim spa manufacturers / distributors section or our swim spa retailers directory.

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